Switching Equipment

IRIS IVDX is an IP based communications platform that operates on open standards based protocols. The communications server along with its TDM based media gateway architecture delivers a perfect hybrid solution for your communication needs. Due to its legacy compatibilty it allows you to retain your legacy hardware and lets you decide when and how much to migrate from the TDM world to the IP packet switching. You can migrate from TDM, TDM/IP to pure IP at a pace you are comfortable with.

Iris IVDX Lite is built around a powerful 32 Bit ARM processor with fully distributed architecture not allowing faster processing but also optimum utilization of main CPU time. Compact 8 and 12 port, fully featured Line cards are based on DSP (DUSLIC) design to support features like DTMF generation & detection, Caller ID generation (upto Analog Extensions), Polarity Reversal, On Hook Transmission, Echo Cancellation, Message Waiting Lamp & Fax/Modem detection.

DX 2000 :
INTEGRATED VOICE AND DATA NETWORK DX 2000 is a highly versatile system that can be configured to suit varied communication requirements. It is a digital ISDN Switch capable of handling transmission of Voice, Text and Facsimile. 40 to 504 ports can be configured. They find application in mid size offices and hotels.

SBDX is a digital ISDN designed for applications of small offices and residential customers.

Coral Key Telephone :
Coral Key Telephone Instrument is an intelligent and informative terminal on your desk. It is an handy device which gives you the status of your voice traffic. It allows you to re-define keys as per your needs thus enabling you not only to view the status of the lines concerning your department/company but also give one touch access to people and features that you wish to use