Call Center Solutions

Outbound Contact Center Solution:

Active! Dialer is a system of outbound calling that dials number automatically with enhanced features like Real-time monitoring, Reporting of Agents and Campaign, which helps to analyze ongoing activity & updates, which increases the level of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of a call center.
Outbound predictive/progressive/preview dialing campaigns can be conducted using Active! Dialer. Agents also have the opportunity to preview the call information (including screen-pop information), before the call is dialed.

Inbound Contact Center Solution:

Active! AMS is a powerful Management Information Software that is used to monitor the activities of the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) of a Contact Center and is designed to handle multiple inbound campaigns simultaneously. This software proactively monitors the performance of agents in a call center. It�s not just a reporting tool, but also gives information on a real time basis the activity of the agent�s.

Interactive Voice Response System – IVRS:

Active! IVR is a versatile product, enabling quick development and deployment of IVR solutions. It provides easy access to powerful branching logic, on-line access to 3rd-party applications and database, access to real-time info on the contact center, Text-To-Speech, CTI integration, and massive personalization.

Voice Logger Solution:

Active! Voice Logger is an advanced, easy-to-use and reliable Voice Recording system. It enables organizations of any type or size to Capture, Evaluate and Analyze interactions in order to substantially improve productivity and performance in real time, which can make substantial impact on your bottom line like mitigating risk, optimizing processes, increasing customer satisfaction, improving productivity and boosting profitability.

Legal Interception Management System – for Law Enforcement Agencies:

Active! LIMS enables security agencies to intercept the conversation using various mediums like Voice, FAX, SMS and able to analyze their calling patterns along with the identification of the Geographical location of such anti-social elements.

Emergency Alert System for Hospitals :

Active! Emergency Code Blue is an advanced easy-to-use application through which you can send Emergency Alerts to the desired Extension. It allows sending Messages & Pre-Recorded Voice Calls from the intercom extensions to emergency support team members of different departments in hospitals like Cardiac team, Accidental Emergency etc.